eSteamhas unique benefits compared to surface steam injection

  • Lower steam-oil ratio (SOR)
  • Profitable steam technology in a low price environment
  • High-quality saturated steam or superheated steam from 500 ft. to 12,000 ft.
  • Superior steam distribution improves sweep efficiency of the oil
  • Decreases the volume of steam injection  
  • Substantially less fuel, emissions, water, capital costs and operating expenses
  • Portable or scalable for simultaneous steam injection in multiple wells
  • Substantially increases proved oil reserves
  • No moving parts in the wellbore
  • Zero emissions downhole steam generator

The downhole steam generator has propelled eSteam to the forefront of heavy oil and oil sands recovery

Steam generated at the surface is currently the most common technology for in-situ thermal stimulation of heavy oil. Surface steam has significant limitations due to heat loss that make it uneconomic for some two (2) trillion barrels of deeper heavy oil resources. eSteam’s downhole steam generator can unlock these deeper deposits and allow steam to be used where it was previously not achievable.